March 6, 2021

Joe Kennedy III Shines A Light On The Trump Admin’s ‘Quiet’ ACA Sabotage

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Is Trump sabotaging Obamacare to ensure the self-fulfilled prophecy of creating a "death spiral" for the ACA?

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.” – George Washington

Congressman Joe Kennedy III tweeted out a news story outlining something the Trump administration probably wished had stayed in the dark. Too bad Kennedy is holding a spotlight to it.

Trump is blatantly sabotaging Obamacare to ensure the self-fulfilled prophecy of creating a “death spiral” for the ACA. As we already know, Trump will go to drastic lengths to overturn policies that Obama put in place: Killing DACA being another one of the most inhumane and shocking machinations. In both cases, that of the ACA and DACA Trump would bargain with the lives of multitudes of Americans just to get his way and pander to his shrinking base.

The Tweet that leaves no doubt about it:

“It’s only quiet if we let it be quiet. RT now to make @realDonaldTrump answer for his sabotage.”

Kennedy shares an article from senior policy correspondent for Vox, Sarah Kliff, outlining Trump’s most “brazen act of Obamacare sabotage yet”:

“The Trump administration has let funding for Obamacare’s $63 million in-person outreach program lapse, leading to layoffs and confusion among nonprofits that enroll vulnerable populations in coverage,” wrote Sarah Kliff.

Open enrollment starts again November 1st, just days away, but now there is no money in the budget for the so-called “navigator groups” to reach out to potential enrollees seeking in-person help with signing up. Those enrollees tend to be people without internet coverage or who don’t speak English.

The groups were expecting reduced funding since the Trump administration announced in a statement that they would cut funding to outreach groups by 41 percent, but then they failed to send out any grants and money ran out.

No budget means no paychecks, which brings layoffs or only part-time hours for Navigator grantees. Skilled, trained staff could easily be lost as they are forced to find other work before the funding comes in.

Funding is expected to arrive late around September 30th. The Trump administration reportedly has not been forthcoming with any information. Vox reached out to a Health and Human Services spokesperson who claimed news would be released soon.

Trump touts himself as a clever businessman, though he’s faced bankruptcy more than four times. Because of this personal experience, he should be particularly aware of how lack of funding can destroy a business endeavor. It looks like Trump’s administration is hoping that quietly cutting off key funding is one way they can undermine the Affordable Healthcare Act. Millions of American lives are once again political pawns for Trump.

Feature image: Match and flame via Pixabay with Obamacare logo via Wikimedia Commons

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