March 29, 2020

Racists Attack Congresswoman Wilson On Facebook For Telling The Truth

The underbelly of vicious racism was exposed when Trump supporters attacked Congresswoman Wilson.

Editor’s note: This article features explicit and disturbing language that exposes the overt racism in America. Be warned that it will not be pretty and will be offensive.

Here we go again! I’ve previously covered what Trump supporters say when they feel safe in their own echo-chambers (here, here, here, and here), but now they’ve come out in public, and in force.

Most people are probably by now familiar with the news about Trump’s phone call with Myeshia Johnson, the grieving widow of Sgt. La David Johnson who was one of the four Green Berets killed in Niger some weeks ago: Congresswoman Frederica Wilson of Florida was present during the phone call (which was on speaker phone), and professed outrage at Trump telling Mrs. Johnson that her husband had “known what he signed up for,” and she went public with her outrage.

Trump, of course, denied that he had said those words and accused the congresswoman of lying, and that’s when the racists crawled out from under their rocks and started spamming Ms. Wilson’s official Facebook page with not so nice (to put it mildly) comments:

Wilson-black no censor

Some even suggested she should “go back to Africa”:

Wilson-africa no censor

Then we have the “monkey” crew:

Wilson-monkey no censor

Calling Ms. Wilson a “baboon” is still calling her a “monkey”:

Wilson-baboon no censor

And, of course, she’s the racist:

Wilson-racist no censor

This person, deliberately “typoing” is definitely “not” racist:

Wilson-nagger no censor

Finally, the ones who really don’t care about showing their true colors:

Wilson-nword no censor

Throughout it all Congresswoman Wilson has stood by her account, and during a press conference Thursday Chief of Staff, Retired General John Kelly didn’t dispute her statements (even though Trump has earlier tweeted that he had “proof” that she was lying). What John Kelly did do, however, was lambast her for listening in on the conversation, even though she had done so at the invitation of Johnson’s family. In fact, Congresswoman Wilson is a friend of the family which is why she was present in the car during the call.

Now, there’s no official readout of the conversation between Ms. Johnson and Trump (no “proof”, as the president tweeted; we’re kinda getting used to that), but Trumpers are posting “the actual quote from the phone conversation” left and right on social media in an attempt to discredit Ms. Wilson and make the president look good. Don’t fall for it if you see it.

Some people might feel that exposing the racism of 45’s supporters is “getting old”, and they might have a point, but if we don’t keep reporting on it and go numb, then it will become the norm rather than the exception, and that thought is unbearable, so keep resisting, keep getting outraged, and keep showing it!

I most certainly will.

Featured Image via Marine Corps Recruiting Command

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