April 18, 2021

‘Women For Trump’ Supporter Suggests Roy Moore Will Be Absolved Of All Ethics Violations If Alabama Elects Him To The Senate

Joy Reid on AM Joy
The line this Trump supporter is willing to cross to vote for Moore leaves Joy Reid's mouth open in shock.

Many in America are left seriously disturbed as Donald Trump continues to support accused pedophile Roy Moore in his bid for the Alabama Senate. It seems possible that since Trump and Moore have the same policy of denial over the many accusations of sexual misconduct against them, they have taken a silent oath to defend one another. Maybe Trump thinks not defending Moore would open up more scrutiny into his own questionable past? Instead, he’s heading to Pensacola to rally for Moore on December 8th.

But what about the people of Alabama who are continuing to say they will vote for Moore despite all of this? How do they rationalize it?

Joy Reid, the host of AM Joy, talked with a firm Trump/Moore supporter and wanted to get to the bottom of how anybody can justify voting for a Moore, knowing what we all know. The answers from a guest, Amy Kremer, left Reid’s mouth hanging open in shock.

Amy Kremer is a political activist associated with the Tea Party movement who chaired a super PAC that supported Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election.

She once appeared on CNN, where she questioned if Obama really loved America. Today, she’s willing to defend an accused pedophile as long as he wins over a Democrat.

“I don’t believe that he loves America the way that we do,” said Kremer of Obama. “He’s more about one world,” she continued but pressed to explain herself, she floundered.

Her statement seemed to be based on thinly veiled racism, not anything factual.

You can see this CNN appearance below:

On Joy Reid’s show, Kremer tried to evade questions about her justification for Roy Moore.

Jimmy Williams, a host of DecodeDC Podcast, notes that 18 women have collectively accused Moore and Trump of being sexual predators. Even so, both men deny it all.

Joy reads a statement from Leigh Corfman, a woman who was fourteen years old at the time of an alleged encounter with Moore.

“What you did to me when I was 14-years old should be revolting to every person of good morals. But now you are attacking my honesty and integrity. Where does your immorality end,” said Corfman

Reid asks Kremer, “Do you believe Leigh Corfman?”

Kremer responds with, “Joy, I wasn’t there. I don’t know any of the facts.”

She admits she’s with a group called, “Women for Trump” who endorsed Moore just two weeks ago. Kremer, like Roy Moore himself, poses voting for Moore as a “rebellion against Mitch McConnell” and dismisses the accusations of pedophilia.

Reid pressed Kramer further about the multiple accusations from women.

“If it’s true that he preyed on teenage girls when he was a 30-something-year-old Prosecutor, does that immorality matter to you, as a voter?”

Kremer refused to answer the question, instead, she said, “I believe you are innocent until proven guilty.” Reid notes that it seems “this doesn’t matter” to Kremer to Jimmy Williams.

Then Reid must come to a most disturbing conclusion:

“It sounds like there are a certain percentage of Alabama voters for whom the allegations of child molestation are irrelevant,” said Reid.

In a Washington Post poll, 53% of those polled say that Doug Jones has a higher standard of moral conduct, while Moore came in at only 34%. Even so, Jones is only leading by a very small margin in a current election poll, so morality just doesn’t figure into the equation for some voters.

At Williams’ suggestion, Reid goes further to ask Kremer if she would still support Moore if he is elected and the accusations are then proven to be true. What follows is the most jaw-dropping revelation in the interview that you really have to see for yourself to believe.

Kremer suggests that if Moore is elected it would thereby absolve him of further ethics investigations to find the truth. The people of Alabama would rule with their vote, and Moore’s accusers would be permanently rendered mute.

It’s an astonishing moment that reveals how some Trump supporters likely also feel about the women who accused him. To them, winning an election means your alleged crimes are forgiven. Maybe that’s why so many don’t seem to care if Trump won the election by conspiring with Russians?

It’s shocking to watch, but really tells us the mindset of those standing by Trump and Moore today.

Kremer goes on to also rationalize voting for Moore despite his past of trying to remove segregation language from the Alabama Constitution. Moore’s past of attacking LGBT people, and of being removed from the Alabama Supreme Court also apparently means nothing to Kremer and people who are standing by him today.

So what does matter to them?

It seems the only thing at all that matters to some Republicans is their party affiliation, even when it comes to the disgusting crime of pedophilia and sexual assault against women.

See the interview for yourself below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube

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