April 7, 2020

The Christmas cards that Republicans truly deserve in 2019

We don't have the luxury of avoiding politics this Christmas, as Republicans threaten to turn a blind eye to a Trifecta of Treason

It may be a white nationalist winter wonderland at the White House this year, but that doesn’t mean the majority of Americans can’t try to enjoy the season too. But there’s one little problem with finding the perfect way to say, “Happy Holidays you treasonous f*cks” to our Republican relatives who keep burying their heads in the deep snow about Trump’s Trifecta of Treason as he faces impeachment.

Just look at Melania in her white Christmas wonderland. Blindingly white, white, and more white. Does the First Lady have any sense of irony? Mrs “I really don’t care, do you?”

Is it an improvement over the blood-red Christmas house of horrors of Trump Christmas Past? You decide.


The War on Christmas and impeachment

Former Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker went on Fox ‘News’ and complained that impeachment would ruin Christmas. That’s right, Whitaker, the guy who once marketed masculine toilets for “well-endowed men” is back in the news to save Christmas for Trump. The timing, just as Trump ranted about Americans flushing their toilets10 to 15 times, is certainly peculiar.

From The American Independent:

“‘It is really a sad day for America. It is, I think, going to hurt people’s Christmas experience because this is going to be playing in the background. Instead of Bing Crosby’s Christmas album, we’re going to have impeachment,’ Whitaker said on Fox News, according to Bloomberg News’ Josh Wingrove.”

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich made a similar argument on Fox ‘News’:

“This whole thing is a joke.”

“And really, on the eve of Christmas it is really sad to see the dishonesty and the partisanship that the House Democrats are displaying,” Gingrich said.

Nevermind that Gingrich oversaw President Clinton’s impeachment over a blowjob just days from Christmas on December 19 near the “eve of Christmas.”

Trifecta of Treason

Today, Trump has abused his position of power, betrayed the Constitution for personal gain, and corrupted our elections according to the House. It’s a Trifecta of Treason that goes beyond what any POTUS has ever done while holding our highest office.

Now that old Newt and similarly-minded Republicans have the nerve to want to give Trump a pass because…Christmas? They can stuff something else in their stockings because it’s BS.

No, we can’t allow Newt or any other Republican to think that impeaching Trump should be postponed because of the holidays, especially given their own records of extreme hypocrisy. Their arguments, as Rachel Maddow often points out, are clearly in bad faith. They know Trump deserves impeachment perhaps more than any other President ever. (see Maddow below)


The outcome of impeachment will determine our national security. The future of democracy itself hangs in the balance. So while Fox News continues to deliver mostly false content to their brain-addled viewers, we might do well to seize a small opportunity to penetrate the year-long Fox Fog. It just might be our last chance before Republicans decide that Trump is more important than America; than democracy, than the collective future of everything our Founders worked so hard to secure.

How can the “liberal snowflakes” make it crystal clear that impeaching Trump will make America great again and lead to a truly Happy New Year in 2020? We certainly can form a blizzard when it’s time to vote, but what can we do now?

Christmas cards for 2019

While it would be great to avoid politics this holiday season, we simply don’t have that luxury anymore. It might be time to break with tradition and gift Republicans a wake-up call via holiday cards only 2019 could inspire. Will it do any good? Perhaps only in that, we will know we tried, and if it inspires a few laughs, well that never hurts.

So without further ado, here are a few ideas for inspiration — Trumpian-inspired holiday cards for 2019. Make your own. Post them online to share the holiday spirit 2019. Perhaps include a holiday package of peaches with an impeachment theme as well –Richly deserved for all those turning a blind eye to Donald Trump’s impeachable offenses.

Merry f*cking Christmas, Republicans

And Merry f*cking Christmas, Republicans. You know better, and you know you must impeach Trump. Then, perhaps we can get back to coming together in 2020 to make America great once more.

And the winner is…

First, the Christmas card by Banksy a few years back is still ringing true today in 2019.

British graffiti artist Banksy envisioned Mary and Joseph blocked from Bethlehem by the Israeli apartheid wall in his Christmas card. – Photo:
British graffiti artist Banksy envisioned Mary and Joseph blocked from Bethlehem by the Israeli apartheid wall in his Christmas card. – Photo:

Or how about a nice crate of peaches to ring in the New Year. Well, those peaches might taste bitter for some, but for others, they have never looked so tasty!


In 2019, peace on Earth may depend on impeachment, because Trump really is that heinous…How can the leader of the Free World not believe that addressing climate change is more important than serving up oil to the greedy oil barons? The future for the world’s kids and grandkids may depend on shifting our focus to boldly tackling the shift to clean energy ASAP.


And here’s to a colorful New Year ahead, full of equality for minorities, women, LGBTQ people, and Native Americans. Here’s to restoring the concept of separation of church and state, and religious freedom that is not merely a veiled bias towards Christians only.


All roads lead to Putin

The current Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is reminding Americans over and over that “All roads lead to Putin” for Donald Trump. This should alarm every patriotic American. Meanwhile, Putin is out there gloating that America is losing its influence.

From ABC News:

Vladimir Putin said on Thursday that America’s global dominance is coming to an end, with the U.S. itself accelerating that process with a string of mistakes “typical of an empire.”

The Russian president, speaking at the Valdai forum in the Black Sea resort town of Sochi, criticized the U.S. for implementing sanctions against Russia and other nations, arguing that doing so undermined trust in the dollar as the world’s universal currency

“It’s a typical mistake of an empire,” Putin said. “An empire always thinks that it can allow itself to make some little mistakes, take some extra costs, because its power is such that they don’t mean anything. But the quantity of those costs, those mistakes inevitably grows.

“And the moment comes when it can’t handle them, neither in the security sphere or the economic sphere.”

If Republicans would tune out of Fox News they might see that cozying up to Putin is incredibly stupid. They might see that Trump’s behavior, withholding security aid to Ukraine to get dirt on Biden, helps nobody but Trump and Putin. They might realize that their elected representatives, such as John Kennedy, are parroting Russian propaganda, which is incredibly dangerous to our country. It’s also quite idiotic, regardless of the political party.

Republicans might realize their blind devotion to the Cult of Trump is absolutely dangerous and must end. They have only to listen and wake up.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all Americans. Yes, even you, Republicans. With luck, we’ll have a much better 2020. We’ll see big changes that will get us back on track, preserving democracy and the Constitution that is so precious to us all. With hope, a few Republicans will remove their heads from the Fox Fog and come to terms with Trump’s Trifecta of Treason, before it’s too late.


And here’s the old classic, “How the Trump Stole Christmas”:





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