March 5, 2021

At Trump rally, Republicans finally fracture reality, exiting the real world in a gaslight bubble

President Trump is impeached in the House, an unavoidable reality. The 45th president did everything in his power to prove impeachable, going so far as to call for foreign governments like China, and Ukraine to meddle in America’s elections after calling for Russia to find Hillary’s emails in 2016.

Trump’s cronies and coverup generals gave Trump a pass then, and so he, of course, immediately went back to soliciting foreign leaders for help in 2020. To date, he still refuses to acknowledge Russia’s role in his election,inviting the Russians in the Oval Office just days ago as he faced imminent impeachment.

For months, Trump egged on Speaker Pelosi, practically begging for impeachment. Then when it was his bluff was called, he called impeachment and “ugly word.” Just a few hours later, Trump would react as the vote came down at a rally in Michigan. A red-faced and furious Trump, who reporters said was “going off the rails,” claimed that Democrats had “cheapened impeachment,” followed by:

“It’s exactly what our Founding Fathers didn’t want, and they said it could happen.”

Trump even claimed the Democrats had “declared war on democracy” and that “we did nothing wrong whatsoever” as a crowd of supporters cheered behind him.

The 45th president suggested that Rep. Debbie Dingell’s husband, the longest-ever serving member of Congress in American history, John Dingell, was in hell. Dingell passed away at 93 in February this year and represented Michigan for 59 years, but Debbie, still in mourning for her husband, had voted for impeachment.

Nobody is safe from Trump’s constant personal attacks and Russian-style gaslighting, from war heroes living or dead to those who served America for over half a century.


Regardless of how disgraceful Trump behaved, his supporters cheered him on as if they were just part of the audience of some bad-taste reality talk show.

Then it happened

It was at this moment that the combined effects of incomprehensible hubris, shamelessness, denial, gaslighting, as well as invoking the Founding Fathers as champions of foreign election meddling, finally caused a break in reality.

Republicans, having existed in their Fox News bubbles for decades, having thrown their support behind this overtly criminal demagogue, had finally created a fracture in space and time. They slipped into a void constructed from the most enormous mass of blind and willful ignorance energy ever to form in one small location in America.

And so the Reality TV star turned real-life nightmare finally drove Republicans into an alternate reality gaslight bubble where they may well remain divorced from reality, facts, and any sense of normalcy ever again.

The vast majority of scientists say they have no interest in researching ways to reunite Trump voters with our plane of existence, adding that such efforts will remain useless until Republicans can recognize one fact.

It’s unclear if this Trumpian bubble will ever pop within our lifetimes, and whether Republicans who continue to blindly support Trump will ever seek to exist in the real world at some point in the future.

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube with bubble via Pixabay






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