March 5, 2021

#KremlinKevin trends days after #MoscowMitchMcConnell as Twitter responds to House Minority Leader’s attacks on FBI

Twitter came down hard on the House Minority Leader after he accused the FBI of a "modern-day Watergate."

The House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, has made outrageous allegations about the FBI, saying they “spied” on President Trump’s campaign and “then tried to cover it up” like a “modern-day Watergate.” Intelligence and legal experts are now calling out McCarthy on Twitter, who should know better as a member of the Gang of Eight.

The backlash to McCarthy led to a trending Twitter hashtag of #KremlinKevin on Monday, December 23. This comes just days after the hashtag #MoscowMitchMcConnell trended when the Senate Majority Leader from Kentucky pledged “total coordination” of the impeachment trial with the White House.

Ned Price, national security and intelligence analyst, responded to McCarthy’s comments.

Malcolm Nance, author and media commentator on terrorism, intelligence, insurgency, and torture, had this to say about McCarthy’s twitter comments. He revisits McCarthy’s 2016 comments about Trump.

“Every word of this is a lie. But I’m old enough to remember a 2016 recording when you said, “There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” Now you work for Putin too,” tweeted Nance.

Nathan H. Rubin, author, and Democratic activist responded with:

“The constant need for the most powerful people in the world to be treated as if they are the victims of every story is exhausting.”

Renato Mariotti, a former federal prosecutor, commented on the facts:

“These claims are false. The Inspector General did not *find* evidence of this during his investigation.”

Historian and author, Kevin M. Kruse, posted the CNN article in which Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report explicitly found that the FBI didn’t spy on Trump’s campaign. According to Newsweek:

“Released earlier this month, the report found no evidence of political bias playing a part in the FBI’s decision to begin Crossfire Hurricane, but did criticize the agency over Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) warrant applications.”

Frank Figliuzzi, a former FBI Assistant Director, kept his reply short and sweet:

George Conway, who is one of Trump’s biggest critics even though he is married to Trump counselor Kellyanne Conway, had this to say:

Glenn Kirschner, a legal analyst, responded with a screenshot of tax forms showing that McCarthy took money from Lev Parnas. The Ukrainian-America Parnas was working with Trump’s personal lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, to dig up dirt on Joe Biden.

Parnas and Igor Fruman were arrested in October and charged with allegedly “funneling illegal campaign contributions to a Trump-friendly super PAC as well as other candidates.” McCarthy’s spokesman told Vice News that the money would be donated to charity.

Fred Guttenberg, father of a fallen Parkland Florida shooting victim, came down hard on McCarthy.

“I hope everyone reads this tweet from @GOPLeader. Every word is a provable lie. Kevin, this is not Russia. If your best defense is this Russian style tweet, then you have NO defense.”

Joyce Alene, a former United States Attorney, stated that McCarthy’s “fairytales” are irrelevant to Trump’s impeachment.

Apparently, one of the top Republicans thinks he can sell Americans fabrications that come from a universe where facts are now irrelevant.

How much lower will Republicans go to defend Donald Trump? There seems to be no end in sight, and yet it would only take a few good Republican senators to do something about it.

Featured image: Composite of McConnell, McCarthy via Wikipedia and Moscow via Pixabay

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