March 6, 2021

Putin invites Trump to celebrate the end of WWII right after boasting about new unstoppable missiles

Putin chatted up Trump in a phone call and later invited him to celebrate the end of World War II. Days earlier, Russia announced 'invulnerable' nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles.

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, has repeatedly said that “all roads lead to Putin,” when it comes to President Trump. Now Russian President Putin has extended yet another invitation to Trump to take the road to Moscow, just days after Russia announced nuclear-capable missiles that American defenses might be helpless to stop.

Although Russia boasted about “invulnerable” Avangard hypersonic missiles, the country remains vulnerable to terrorists. During a phone call with Trump, Putin apparently thanked him for stopping a New Year’s attack on Russian soil. It is the first publicly known phone call between the two leaders since July.

Vice News reported Trump and Putin had a phone call over the holidays but noted at the time, “the White House isn’t talking about it.” The Kremlin, however, was talking about it, suggesting that U.S. intelligence helped stop a plot by Russian citizens to launch a terrorist attack in St Petersburg during New Year’s Eve celebrations.

“During the call, which was initiated by Russia, Putin thanked Trump for “information transmitted through the channels of U.S. special services that has helped thwart terrorist acts in Russia,” the Kremlin said in a statement.”

As for the rest of the conversation, we have no idea what came up, as usual.

“Putin’s office said that during the call, the first between the leaders since July, the two leaders had discussed “several matters of mutual interest” and that “an agreement was made to continue bilateral cooperation in the fight against terrorism.”

Later in the day, the White House gave their side of the phone call, but do you particularly believe it, as WaPo columnist, Max Boot asks?

CNN reported that Putin invited Trump to Moscow in a holiday greeting to foreign leaders posted on Monday.

The greeting seems to attempt to place the US and Russia on equal ground as forces for “security and stability,” even though it is known that Russia meddled in the 2016 presidential elections in the US and that Russia has been threatening and invading its neighbor, Ukraine for years.

Get the details about the conflicts in Ukraine from Vox below:


Trump, however, has sided with Putin over the US government assessment about the elections and has even “dismissed credible allegations that Putin uses violence against his opponents.”

From CNN:

“In a Christmas and New Year greeting message to President of the United States of America Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin noted that Russia and the US were historically responsible for ensuring global security and stability, and that Moscow speaks in favour of normalising bilateral relations and establishing an equal dialogue based on the mutual respect of interests,” the statement said. “The President of Russia also reaffirmed his invitation to Donald Trump to visit Moscow to take part in the celebrations of the 75th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War.”

Another invite to Moscow

Putin has asked President Trump to come to the Victory Day Parade in Moscow in May 2020, the second time such an invite has been extended. The event celebrates the victory of allied forces over Nazi Germany in World War II.

Trump has said, “I would love to go if I could,” but seems to realize the extremely negative press that would result during his presidential campaign to reclaim the White House. Of course, it won’t go unnoticed that Trump has been impeached in the House for conduct that seems to help Putin in Ukraine.

“I was invited. I am thinking about it. It’s right in the middle of our campaign season, but I am thinking — I would certainly think about it,” Trump said at the time. “President Putin invited me … It’s a very big deal, celebrating the end of the war … so I appreciate the invitation,” he added. “I would love to go If I could.”

Ukraine and Putin

As usual, matters in Ukraine are front and center, as Trump has been impeached in the House for his conduct with Ukrainian President Zelensky during a phone call.

Trump and many Republican representatives have parroted Russian propaganda that it was Ukraine that meddled in America’s elections instead of Russia, a false narrative that may have come directly from Putin himself.

It’s important to know that Russia was kicked out of the G-8 in 2014 after it seized and annexed Crimea from Ukraine. At the G7 summit, Trump called loudly to bring Russia back into the fold and has blamed former President Obama for “letting the annexation happen in the first place,” according to BuzzFeed.

At one point, Trump said that Obama was “outsmarted” by Putin, but it was Putin who decided to invade Crimea and who is ultimately responsible for being kicked out of G-8.

“If it was during my term, I would say ‘Sorry, folks, I made a mistake,'” Trump said. “President Obama was helping Ukraine. Crimea was annexed during his term. It’s a very big area and important area.”

See more about Putin from Vice below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube

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