October 26, 2020

Trump’s insults the majority of Americans at first 2020 rally while Pence blunders about Iran

The first "Keep America Great Rally" was a chance for Trump to insult most of America. The Vice President also had a revealing moment.

By now, Americans expect Trump’s campaign rallies to be disturbing spectacles where supporters cheer him on for his Reality-TV demagoguery. However, Trump’s first campaign rally of 2020 might be one of the worst ever.

The rally was full of misleading statements, insults, and moments where Trump slurred his speech, a habit which prompted the hashtag of #SniffyMcAdderall on Thursday.

Oh, and he also seemed to threaten China as if he was talking about a high school sports rival.

Although it was dubbed the “Keep America Great Rally,” the 45th president insulted the majority of Americans as “vicious, horrible people.” The moment came after Trump claimed the “radical Democrats have never been more extreme then they are right now,” seemingly oblivious to his own ever-growing extremism.

How can a President of the United States openly state that he believes the majority of citizens are horrible people? That’s just what he did. At least when Hillary called Trump’s supporters “deplorable,” it was referring to the bigots and hatemongers, not all Republicans.

Aaron Rupar from Vox shared the clips from the rally:

Pence blunders about Iran

Meanwhile, Vice President Pence had his own revealing moments at the rally as well. At one point, he pointed to a reason why the Trump administration assassinated Iran’s top military commander without congressional approval.

Pence pointed to the motive as a response to the killing of one American although the administration has been suggesting there was some “imminent threat” that Soleimani posed.

Before the rally, Pence went on Fox News and said that “intelligence that influenced the decision had been too sensitive to share with lawmakers,” according to Business Insider.

“When 1 American life was lost at the hands of Iranian-backed militias just a few short weeks ago, POTUS launched the first airstrikes against them in 10 years,” said Pence.

Pence may have been referring to Nawres Hamid, 33, a naturalized U.S. citizen born in Iraq who served as an Arabic interpreter for U.S. forces in Iraq. According to the Post, “Hamid was killed on Dec. 27 when U.S. authorities say an Iranian-backed militia fired rockets at a military base near the northern Iraqi city of Kirkuk.”

Trump’s Benghazi?

Trump used the rally as a moment to brag about killing Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, saying it was an act of “American justice.”

On Wednesday, it seemed Trump wanted to calm tensions with Iran, but it was a totally different story at the rally, where he could use the killing to incite his base.

Two days ago, the Associated Press reported that Trump was “drawing accusations that he is weaponizing foreign policy for his campaign’s own gain.”

The reason for the attack, according to Trump, seems to differ markedly from that voiced by the Vice President at the rally.

“Soleimani was actively planning new attacks, and he was looking very seriously at our embassies, and not just the embassy in Baghdad, but we stopped him, and we stopped him quickly, and we stopped him cold,” Trump told the cheering crowd.

Another moment that certainly implies a motive for the sudden attack came when Trump said:

“You saw, this was the anti-Benghazi … we did it the exact opposite of Benghazi.”

In another rally moment, Trump claimed he was using the military to “preserve peace.”

As usual, Trump attacked his critics, giving them adolescent nicknames while accusing the media of corruption for reporting on his ever-more extreme administration.

See more of the disturbing rally below if you can tolerate it.

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube

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