October 23, 2020

If McConnell tries to sweep witnesses under the rug, the House could pull them back out

McConnell and Trump's new defense lawyer seem to think they can block witnesses, but the House indicates what may come next.

On Saturday, the 4th Women’s March took place at more than 250 events around the country, with a major focus on removing President Trump from office.

However, removing Trump from office faces the hurdles of extreme partisan bias in the Senate, where the impeachment trial will begin on Tuesday. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has previously indicated he will be in“total coordination” with the White House, causing critics to say he has violated his oath of office.

Nevertheless, McConnell persisted

Nevertheless, McConnell persisted when chief justice John Roberts swore in 100 senators to do “impartial justice.”

Today, the Hill reported that McConnell’s efforts to block most witnesses could prevail, but ultimately cost him his senate majority.

“The shrewd Senate Republican leader, working with the White House, has convinced his Republican colleagues that the best politics is to stick together with Donald Trump. Even if he has to cave a little on not allowing witnesses — who could either further incriminate or exculpate the president — it’ll be largely cosmetic.”

McConnell has not only indicated he will try to block witnesses but has moved to lock down access by the press during the trial and block live camera access. (see the video below)

Ask yourself why McConnell would want to do this if Trump is innocent?

An ‘absurd’ defense

Meanwhile, Trump’s latest legal council, Alan Dershowitz, has argued for the record that “abuse of power is not an impeachable offense.”

Dershowitz apparently plans to use this shocking tactic to block witnesses.

From Slate:

“In an interview with CNN, Dershowitz also said that if his legal arguments are successful, there will be no need to call witnesses during the Senate trial. ‘If my argument succeeds, there’s no need for witnesses. Indeed there is no need for even arguments, any further arguments,’ he added. ‘If the House charges do not include impeachable offenses, that’s really the end of the matter.'”

Dershowitz previously represented O.J. Simpson, and according to Boston news, he helped Jeffrey Epstein secure a plea deal.

“In 2008, the lawyer helped [Jeffrey] Epstein secure a lenient plea deal, serving only 13 months in county jail and shutting down an FBI probe into the Epstein’s dealings. As recently as a week after the shocking 2018 Miami Herald report that shone a light on the extent of Epstein’s crimes, Dershowitz volunteered that he was “still technically” the pedophile’s lawyer.”

Reacting to Dershowitz’s comments, House Intelligence Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff called it an “absurdist position.”

“The only reason the president’s legal team would even attempt to make that argument,” said Schiff, “is if they know that the facts are “so dead set against” the president.

“The logic of that absurdist position that’s being now adopted by the president is he could give away the state of Alaska, he could withhold execution of sanctions on Russia for interfering in the last election, to induce or coerce Russia to interfere in the next one,” Schiff continued.

The House always wins

Another report from the Hill shines a ray of light, as it appears that Democrats in the House may call witnesses if the Senate refuses to do so.

Judiciary Committee member Rep. Hank Johnson (D-Ga.) has stated that the door to witnesses remains open after Soviet-born businessman Lev Parnas implicated Trump, Pence, and top officials like Barr, Mulvaney, Bolton, Pompeo, and Congressman Devin Nunes.

“We would be remiss in the House of Representatives not to follow this trail to its conclusion. And Parnas has emerged as an important figure in this criminal conspiracy to force or coerce a foreign government to help Trump’s reelection campaign,” said Rep. Johnson.

Likewise, the Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Rep. Eliot Engel (D-N.Y.), has also indicated that if the Senate is not forthcoming, the House will call witnesses.

“We’re not going to just say, ‘OK, we’ve disposed of it, and now the ball’s in their court, and there’s nothing left for us to do.’ I think quite the contrary,” Engel said. “The more we hear, and the more things come out, the more resolute we are to make sure that we’re dealing with the truth, and that it’s not being swept under the rug.”

Engel has called it “obvious” that the administration violated the law in regards to blocking financial assistance to Ukraine.

Last year, the White House blocked the participation of Trump administration witnesses in the House impeachment hearings. Now Democrats are more determined than ever to make sure Americans hear the truth.

Keep in mind, a few moderate Republicans are open to the possibility of hearing witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial. It would only take as few as three Republican senators to change the game to a fairer one.

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