October 23, 2020

National security reporter shares rumor Trump’s Russia adviser was compromised by Russia

Jeff Stein shares a tweet about a rumor 'inside NSC' that Andrew Peek 'had relations with Russian hookers.'

A longtime Washington-based national security reporter and author, Jeff Stein, shared a rumor on Twitter that Trump’s latest Russia adviser was caught in a ‘honey trap’ with Russian hookers.

Stein’s latest piece in the Washinton Post is entitled, “How Russia saw Trump: ‘A potential asset and an exploitable victim.'”

Stein reacted to the Associated Press report:

“A White House adviser on Europe and Russia issues has been placed on administrative leave pending a security-related investigation, two people with knowledge of his exit said Sunday.

Andrew Peek was escorted off the White House compound on Friday, according to one of those familiar with his departure.”

Peek had only been in the position since November and is the third head of European and Russian affairs at the National Security Council to leave the post in the past year, reported the Independent.

Before this, Peek worked as an expert on Iran and Iraq. He served as a national security adviser to Republican senators Gordon Smith and Mike Johanns.

Details about what caused Peek’s sudden departure remain unknown. However, Stein tweeted about a rumor that he claims is circulating inside the National Security Council. (NSC)

“Rumor inside NSC is that Peek ‘had relations with Russian hookers and could not locate his government cell phone,’ insider source tells me,” tweeted Stein.

Stein went on with shocking comments about Robert C. O’Brien, Trump’s fourth United States National Security Advisor. He alleges that the NSC is currently like a real-life “Game of Thrones.”

See more of Andrew Peek below:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube

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