October 23, 2020

Conservative strategist predicts Republican Senators’ ‘political obituary’ if they vote to coverup for Trump

Rick Wilson and Mitch McConnell
Conservative strategist, Rick Wilson lays out a dire warning for Republicans who coverup for Trump.

Long-time Republican strategist Rick Wilson, who authored a book entitled, “Everything Trump Touches Dies,” posted a “handy list” for Republicans in the Senate who cave to Moscow Mitch McConnell’s impeachment coverup for Trump.

As one of the most vocal critics of Trump but also a conservative, it gives us a reminder that Democrat and Republican voters share a common interest here: protecting and preserving our democracy before it’s too late.

Wilson fully expects the Senators to bow to McConnell and Trump, but then gives them an unflinching warning about why they should grow a spine before it’s too late.

“1/I’ll summarize this for the slow learners in the Senate one last time. Your protestations of independence, integrity, and honor will mean nothing to the voters this Fall. Nothing. You’re going to moo and walk into the chute like cattle, terrified of Trump and Mitch.”

‘A handy list of what went wrong’

Wilson gives a sarcastic “handy list” to save for later.

“2/ So when you’re underwater in the polls, drowning in public anger at becoming accessories to Trump’s coverup, here’s a handy list of what went wrong. Clip-and-save, because you’ll need it later.”

Wilson notes that the facts will continue to prove out in Trump’s conduct with Ukraine, going so far as to say Trump may just outright admit he withheld Ukraine’s money to help him steal the upcoming 2020 election.

“3/ WHAT WENT WRONG, A PARTIAL LIST: A. The facts of Ukraine will never, ever get better for Trump. You know this. B. Truth outs. Bolton’s book hits. Documents leak. More people come forth. C. *TRUMP* admits it. You know he will. D. The polls are not going your way.”

What many Democrats and Republicans may not realize is the vast majority of Americans of all political backgrounds want the evidence and witnesses. Newsweek reported on the  Quinnipiac University poll in regards to seeing John Bolton testify.

4/ D (cont). Two-thirds of the American people want to see evidence and witnesses. Support for impeachment is steady. E. The McConnell strategy looks great in the short term as a DC-clever-process story in a few months looks like a massive coverup.”

Wilson gives the Senators a reality check on McConnell’s plan to hold the trial late at night. The optics couldn’t be worse, as Washinton Post columnist, Jennifer Rubin stated:

“Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.), apparently worried that Americans will watch every minute of the historic proceedings and anxious to exonerate Trump quickly, seeks to give each side 24 hours of argument over two days. Beginning at 1 p.m. and allowing for some breaks, McConnell’s preferred schedule would result in a trial in the dead of night. Nothing smells more like a coverup than a trial at 2 a.m.”

Similarly, Wilson points out the stench coming from McConnell.

“5/ F. The locked-room, one-camera, dead-of-night game YOU voted for looks more and more like the work of co-conspirators, not judges. G. Trump won’t help you later. His loyalty is to himself. If you’re in trouble *even for helping him* you’re dead meat.”

He gives a warning to the Senators about the precarious situation they may soon find themselves in.

“6/ H. Even if he *does* help you, does it *help* you? Trump rally fever plays only to the reddest red audiences. You know, like Maine and AZ…oh. Wait. I. Mitch only has so much money to spread around. Sure, in January he’s saying, “I got you” but does he have *enough*?”

“7/ J. Even *Mitch* will flip if the majority is in danger, and how are you gonna walk that back? You won’t get a second chance to be strong and do the right thing. You won’t get another moment to show you give a damn about something bigger than Trump’s rage.”

“8/ K. Voters hate corruption (cf, 1974, 1980, 1994, 2006) as just a few examples in recent memory) and they hate its enablers more. It reinforces their existing feelings about politics and politicians. L. Trump gets passes you never, ever will.”

If the Senators vote to help Trump coverup his actions in Ukraine, it will go on their permanent records, and that may come back to bite them. Rather than serving their own selfish interests, it’s time to serve the interests of the American people, both Democrat and Republican.

“9/ M. “I voted against witnesses and evidence and covered up Trump’s crimes of obstruction, lying, and abuse of power so he wouldn’t tweet mean things about me.” is a shit political obituary. So is, “I didn’t want a primary.”

“10/ N. Everything Trump Touches Dies. Proceed accordingly.”

See Rick Wilson on the Daily Show with Trevor Noah below:

Featured image: Screenshots via YouTube

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