October 23, 2020

Trump voters plead with Dems to back one candidate so they know who to be faux-outraged about

Trump voters at rally
What's a Trump voter to do when Democrats don't unite around one candidate so they can begin being faux-outraged about something?

As the Democrats face uncertainty over which of the eight major candidates will go on to become the nominee for President, Republicans have expressed their dismay. 

“Who is it gonna be?” said Republican voter, Grayson Grimes, from a rural red state.

“Do I gotta go after socialisms, or gays, or Pocahontas? Why can’t they make up their minds!” a frustrated Grimes continued.

Indeed, unless the Democrats can unite around a candidate, that leaves Republicans in a quandary. Traditionally, uneducated Republican voters have been spoon-fed dirt on the clear Democratic candidate.

In the good ole’ days, it was clear that Hillary’s emails and Benghazi were the hot-ticket bright shiny objects, however dubious in merit. Republicans simply rallied around these talking points as a means to show faux-outrage – a conveniently packaged smear campaign easy enough to parrot and amplify on Faux News.

Today, as Biden begins to show promise in South Carolina polls, it isn’t clear if Republican voters will be latching on to made-up stories about Hunter Biden and Ukraine, or onto fearmongering about Bernie Sanders being a bonified “socialist!” Nevermind that few Republicans could actually define socialism, or that they are voting for a version of socialism for only the rich. 

In fact, you could tell Republicans all day long that real socialism involves the communal ownership of production, and they would still shout, “That there Bernie Sanders is a socialist commie!” All the while, they vote for white guys that want to take away their gosh-darned socialist Medicare or Medicaid.

Let’s face it: It matters little to Trump voters what differentiates Bernie from a socialist while he seeks economic equality through a democratic process.

Here’s a video in the slight chance they are curious:

Worse still, if the Democrats go on to nominate Pete Buttigieg, Republicans will have to shift gears and go after the gays, as Rush Limbaugh has already hinted. 

“America’s still not ready to elect a gay guy kissing his husband on the debate stage president,” said Limbaugh.

Indeed, if Buttigieg gets the nomination, you can cue all the faux outrage slippery slope arguments, even though same-sex marriage has been legal nationwide for five years. All that time without affecting one straight marriage despite the gnashing of teeth from Kim Davis and evangelical Republicans? Astonishing.

Now, of course, there remains a good chance that another Democrat could end up taking the lead. For example, just today, it seemed that Limbaugh’s female counterpart, Ann Coulter, seemed to give her own unique endorsement of Warren on Twitter. 

Coulter tweeted that Warren was just freaky enough to get things done, something she is quite worried about.

If Warren takes the lead, cue the racist “Pocahontas” comments from Trump and his base. Republicans will call out Warren for claiming native ancestry even after backing a POTUS whose priority is running an oil pipeline through the Standing Rock Reservation. Most recently, Trump has been “blasting the bones of Native Americans” to build a southern border wall through Organ Pipe Cactus National Monument.

Nevertheless, Republicans will have to rally around something, anything to attack Warren or any other Democrat.

On the other hand, Democrats don’t need to turn to faux outrage to go after Donald Trump. In his three years and 37 days as “President,” Trump has been progressive in one way: he’s become more and more a dictator. The saddest part is Republicans have united around freeing him from all accountability.  Perhaps Democrats should remember that they have valid grave concerns to unite around as they head into the elections?

Now, Republicans only hope they can find the dirt they crave to launch the assault, however disingenuous or meritless, on whoever the Democrat’s nominee for President becomes.

See rabid Trump voters in action from CBS:

Featured image: Screenshot via YouTube

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