January 22, 2021

Maddow: Top of the government is a ‘fountain of nonsense’ willing to ‘lie to the people’ about coronavirus

Trump and coronavirus
Rachel Maddow tells it like it is about Trump's response to the coronavirus pandemic. Let's hope Americans vote out this nightmare ASAP.

God bless Rachel Maddow for telling it like it is as the news seems to have reached an all-time high for Trumpian insanity. Maddow’s summary of Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic is particularly scathing, and, as always, spot on.

Reacting to Trump’s coronavirus speech, Maddow said:

“At the top of the federal government right now, it is a fountain of nonsense.”

Maddow noted the fundamental fiasco from Trump’s response to coronavirus is that there is scarcely any testing right now. As you can see in the tweets from Robert Reich and Public Citizen below, the United States has hardly tested anyone compared to South Korea, with at least 3,692 people tested per million people versus about 23.

Maddow notes the U.S. is currently the worst in the world for testing.

“We are probably the worst in the world, certainly the worst in the industrial world at testing and screening for this virus,” says Maddow.

“Not only do we not have widely available testing in this country, if you’re a sitting member of Congress, you can’t finagle a test in this country,” she continued.

Furthermore, there isn’t clear guidance for people who suspect they have been exposed to COVID-19. So far, no best practices for isolation and quarantine haven’t been forthcoming from the federal government.

“If [the federal government] had the authority and wherewithal to do it, they could do it,” Maddow said of the government clarifying best practices. “But as of right now, even this far into it, it appears to just be chaos,” she noted.

See more of the Rachel Maddow Show below:

In another part of the show, Rachel called out the Trump administration after advice for seniors and older Americans not to fly was overruled by the White House, according to reports by The Associated Press. 

According to the report, an anonymous official “with direct knowledge of the plan” leaked the information to alert the public.

The White House overruled health officials who wanted to recommend that elderly and physically fragile Americans be advised not to fly on commercial airlines because of the new coronavirus, a federal official told The Associated Press.”

Maddow reacted to this astonishing news, disputed by administration officials. Vice President Pence’s press secretary, Katie Miller, called it “complete fiction.”

“This is an important moment in the crisis, right. This is sort of the worst-case scenario that you get from a government that doesn’t know what they’re doing and is willing to lie to the people about things that will keep them alive,” said Maddow.

This Friday the 13th, it appears the Trump Twilight Zone is in full effect. Let’s hope Americans vote out Trump and end this nightmare ASAP.

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See the segment below:

Featured image: Screenshot via Pixabay with Trump via YouTube screenshot

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