January 22, 2021

Calls for GOP Governors to resign for their handling of Covid-19

Should the governors from Florida, Arizona, and Texas resign? Have their anti-science policies cost their states thousands of lives as coronavirus cases soar?

Today, Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin writes why she believes the governors from Florida, Arizona, and Texas should resign. Their incompetent handling of the pandemic has cost each state thousands of lives as cases soar. Now, if hospital intensive care units may be overwhelmed, “a true catastrophe may be in store.”

Along with the red-state governors, Trump certainly deserves blame. However, “They ultimately made the decision to follow Trump’s horrendously dangerous advice.”

Rubin calls out Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas for pushing to reopen businesses in April, one of the shortest stay-at-home orders. Then, as coronavirus soared, he issued a mask mandate, but it was too late.

One Texas doctor reports that young patients are dying, and hospital beds are quickly running out.

Abbott’s failure to listen to health experts cost lives in Texas, and #AbbottResign trended on Twitter. However, in Ector County, Republican leaders met to censure the Governor on the 4th of July. They claim the Governor used constitutional overreach in his executive orders by enforcing mask-wearing.

So, Gov. Abbott is facing calls to resign both for enforcing mask-wearing and for failing to act.

In Arizona, Gov. Doug Ducey, also Republican, reopened businesses in early May. Now, the state of 7 million people is reporting around as many new cases each day as the whole European Union, with some 446 million people.

Meanwhile, in Florida, the total coronavirus cases are over 200K as the Sunshine State added 40K new cases in four days. Once again, a Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis, rushed to reopen the state.

“Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), a Trump fanboy who dragged his feet after receiving warnings to issue a stay-at-home order and then rushed to reopendespite advice from health experts, blames the media and protesters for the frightful increase in cases. The responsibility is his. As of now, DeSantis has not canceled his invitation for Trump’s Republican convention in Jacksonville. (Cases are soaring in Duval County, as they are around the state.),” writes Rubin.

Rubin calls for the resignation of these Republican governors whose “recklessness and incompetence” imperils all Americans. Of course, they are following Trump’s lead in rejecting science. (and common sense)

Today, Trump continues to blame the numbers of cases on testing, throwing in his usual racist rhetoric for his base. If anybody should resign first, it’s Trump for endangering Americans in more ways than one.

Featured image: Governor Abbott via Wikipedia, Governor Doug Ducey via Wikipedia, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis via Wikipedia

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