Angelia Lynn Schultz: ‘Soft Disclosure’ of Higher Beings at the Capital


On August 17, 2021, at 10 am, a retired Defense Intelligence Officer known as Añjali (@AnjaliOnGaia) on Twitter held a press conference at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC. Thus, she upheld her word that about the conference posted in early August. 

Although the media was invited, they didn’t show, and a small group of people watched as Añjali sat uncomfortably in a cloth-covered chair, calmly speaking, occasionally sipping water in the hot sun. Slowly, after carefully outlining her identity, background, and motivations (refuting any claims she wanted money or fame), she discussed meeting extraterrestrials in the Mojave Desert.

The subject of the press conference:

  • Addressing the presence of higher beings here on Earth
  • Deliver a specific message from them
  • Discuss the formation of a team to return to the physical location in Southern California Mojave Desert mountains
Angelia Lynn Schultz, Image via YouTube

Who is Angelia Lynn Schultz or Añjali?

Following the over one hour conference, Añjali covered all these subjects, speaking calmly and purposefully. First, the Gulf War veteran disclosed her legal identity, carefully covering many details of her background for the press. 

“My legal name is Angelia Lynn Schultz,” she explained. Born in Arkansas, she grew up in Florida as Angie. In 1992, she joined the US Airforce, stationed at Ellsworth Airforce Base in South Dakota as Angelia Belter. Later, she was recruited by Defense Intelligence in Washington DC, trained in information operations and warfare. 

“In this pursuit, everything that I did at the nation’s capitol I did with the highest morality and in the clearest conscience,” she said.

After falling ill, Angelia Lynn Schultz began telecommuting as a defense contractor “in the best interest of the American people.” 

“…I want to be very clear that the information operations that we were involved in this nation was about peacemaking and not war-making,” she said. “…which is why I’m here today, to continue the peacemaking.”

Working with the Marine Corps

In 2015, she says a contractor recruited her to work on behalf of the Marine Corps Tactical Operations Group.

“I performed my duties as well as one could on the cusp of a cutting edge technology,” she said. “Ever day, our information environment is changing right before out eyes.”

In 2016, she resigned following cognitive problems that she feared would impede her ability to perform her job. Soon after, she was hospitalized in souther California facing serious illness for months.

Then, she said she would make freely available her 2013 novel called The Nameless, refuting suggesting she was looking to capitalize on her disclosure.

“I’m telling you today not to buy it because I don’t want your money,” she said.

After explaining more details are available online, she proceeded with what she called a “soft disclosure” of extraterrestrials; she called for a team of scientists and experts to bring back the hard evidence.

Soft Disclosure: A Secret Subterranean Mountain Base

On Sunday, January 21, 2018, Angelia Lynn Schultz sat at a coffee shop in southern California. There, she met two people she referred to as Wayne and Tricia, who she says support her disclosure. Their real names remain anonymous.

Wayne proved insightful into the cause of Angelia’s illness, the toxic life she had led in Washington DC. After the conversation, Wayne and Tricia invited Angelia to their home, where he had excavated a tunnel into the adjoining mountain. His efforts to tunnel began after he claimed to meet “aliens” on the mountaintop.

The aliens had a base there, and Wayne wanted to see it for himself. So, he became obsessed with creating a tunnel.

“Is there anyone here who couldn’t relate to that kind of sudden obsession?” Angelia asked the crowd. 

After digging into the mountain, Wayne did find the base and found the ETs to be peaceful. That day, he invited Angelia to see them if she liked. Everything about the couple seemed authentic to her, and she was willing to risk everything to see what they described.

“Of course, I would like,” she said. “I went because I had absolutely nothing to lose,” she said. “The only way I was going to know is if I went.”

After receiving Wayne and Tricia’s address and phone numbers, she let her friends and daughter know where she was going. Then, at about 3:00 pm on that day, she arrived at the tunnel.

Angelia Lynn Schultz on Meeting Higher Beings Inside the Mountain 

Angelia joined Wayne, Tricia, and an unnamed couple at the mouth of the “nicely excavated tunnel.” Ahead, she saw a light as they headed inside. Around the corner, two races of extraterrestrials were standing in front of her. 

  • A grey extraterrestrial, neither organic nor drone
  • Tall “stunning” beings with radiant alabaster skin and white hair
  • A tall being resembling a praying mantis with lavender skin

As she arrived in “seamless” space, they said hello, “Oh, hello Añjali,” feigning surprise. “We’ve been waiting to talk to you.”

As she followed, the group entered a room where she met a familiar-looking being in an 8-foot-tall body. Immediately, she remembered this being as one who had visited her before. However, they were much taller than she expected. 

“A mantis,” she said, describing beautiful lavender skin. She struggled to describe the beautiful faces of the beings of light in her presence. Light glowed from their bodies, and she felt a sense of “the purest love.”

Angelia Lynn Schultz, Image via YouTube

Knowledge of Evolving Consciousness

 After laying on a table, she says the beings removed her consciousness from her body. She described a transcendent moment, moving through a mist of light and “pure, astonishing love.”

“Wake up! Wake up! Remember what you’re supposed to be doing,” she heard the beings tell her.

Later, Angelia Lynn Schultz said she underwent Hypno-regression therapy to be certain about what had happened to her. Under hypnosis, she remembered what the beings taught her about the evolution of consciousness through learning.

“…and they used the word called density,” which she didn’t understand. “They were telling me the veil is very heavy. Wake up. Remember what you agreed to do,” the being told her.

Following the experience, the beings escorted her back to Wayne’s tunnel. Suddenly, she was standing in his home under an archway. In shock, she screamed in expletives, but Wayne and Tricia merely said, “Oh, you’re back,” knowingly.

Remember What You Agreed to Do

Following her experience, the beings visited her, reminding her she agreed to do what they had asked of her. She would form a team of the best scientists and equipment to enter the tunnel in the Mojave Desert.

Angelia knows credible researchers face risks to their careers due to the ongoing stigma and derision surrounding UFO research.

“You can imagine that even the people who want to be on this team are afraid to be on this team,” she said. “And they’re not afraid of the ones that are in the mountain. They’re afraid of their fellow human brothers and sisters walking around.”

So, the researchers who agree to join the team will risk being ostracized or losing their jobs. Nevertheless, Angelia claims one astronaut has committed, a well-known documentarian, an investigative reporter. Academics, astronomers, and physicists are invited to join the effort.

“I urge you to be kind, and patient, and to be supportive of absolutely anyone across the face of this earth who wants to join this team and is approved. There will be so much raw data that is collected and given to you,” she said.

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Ready for Contact

Angelia assures the crowd that the beings are here to help guide humans to a higher state of consciousness.

“The beings need us to be ready for contact,” said Angelia. 

“They want you to understand that you do not need to be afraid; that this cycle of learning is coming to an end because humanities’ consciousness is evolving. The way that consciousnes forms and creates matter, which is just energy manifest, something that they want to help us learn to do as we evolve,” she said. 

“All consciousness begins and ends in the same place from what they call the Source of All Light.”

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The Third Density of Consciousness

From there, Angelia goes on to describe what the beings taught her about the densities of consciousness. 

First and Second Densities are a period of learning that consciousness exists as part of a bigger singular whole. Then, as consciousness matures, we may choose to enter a sensory learning experience, the Third Density. This density is also called reincarnation, the beginning, and end of a cycle.

“They say that this is what we chose, every single one of us,” she explained. “…as a unique expression of the One Source of creation; that each is a separate expression of that creation, which is also the Creator.”

After evolving consciousness, all beings can eventually return to the purest form, light.

“These beings can travel on light because they are the light,” she says. “They have been with us from the beginning…they have been where we are. Everything goes through the same cycle of consciousness development and recognition of itself.”

“They have been where we are, and they have been guardians of our process.”

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As consciousness progresses, it can become the Eighth Density, the Creator, and begins the process anew, cycling back to the First Density again.

“Each time that this happens, consciousness spreads throughout everything infinitely,” she said.

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Entering the Fourth Density

Today, Earth is moving into a Fourth Density environment and thus no longer compatible with the third, she says.

“It will no longer be compatible with Third Density experience which is what they say these human biotechnloghy bodies give us here,” she said, pointing to herself. “We have been through this cycle long enough and it’s time for the next stage.”

Following this quite profound revelation, Angelia began taking questions. A group of passing ducks provided a moment of relief. Then, she answered many questions from the small audience.

See the video below, and ask yourself if it rings true to you. In the coming weeks, we may learn more about efforts to form a team to head into the mountain. Online, there is much skepticism and doubt about the conference, but on Twitter, Añjali says:

“I am ex-military, ex-DOD federal officer. Honest disclosure is happening right before your very eyes with this effort & team. Sweeping labels of groups of people promotes prejudice, division. The beings promote love, unity. So do I. Peace to you, my brothers & sisters. Añjali”

Video by TT Productions:

Featured image: Composite of Alien by TheDigitalArtist via Pixabay, Pixabay License, Petroglyph by GeorgeB2 via PixabayPixabay License and Mantis by Jade57 via PixabayPixabay License

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